Organic Revitalizing Eye Contour

Organic Revitalizing Eye Contour

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A multi-effect product, the Certified Organic Revitalizing Eye Contour provides for the skin’s basic needs, with intense 24-hour hydration and comprehensive protection against daily strain1 (blue light, pollution, stress …) to prevent premature aging.

The eye contour is a delicate area that requires special care. Our R&D has combined Alga-Gorria®, a patented extract with antioxidant power, with specific active ingredients known for their effectiveness, for a targeted effect.

Dark circles and puffiness1 are relieved, fine lines are smoothed. The eyes look well-rested, luminous, rejuvenated.

• No added fragrance
• For all skin types.
• Vegan product.
• Suitable for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women.
• And its packaging is environmentally-friendly!
• An Airless Pump Bottle enables complete product usage, less waste, and fewer preservatives.
• FSC-certified cardboard printed with plant-based inks.
• Recyclable.

Proven effectiveness

85%2 say their eyes look well-rested
70%2 say the eye area is toned and firm
75%2 say the eyes are more radiant, their features are “less-tired looking”, well-rested, and relaxed
1 In vitro and in vivo testing on ingredients.
2 Usage testing carried out on 22 women, ages 19 to 59, under dermatological supervision


Size: 15ML