Enfleurage Sheagan Butter

Enfleurage Sheagan Butter

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Moisturizing Argan and Shea whipped into an easy to spread butter for skin, hair and scalp.  Created using only organic ingredients

WHY use Sheagan Butter?

  • Chemotherapy skin issues
  • Bed sores
  • Anti-aging
  • Baby’s bottom
  • UV protection ~6
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Scar healing
  • Hair conditioning
  • Nail repair
  • Skin tightening
  • Rosacea benefits
  • Dry skin repair
  • Eczema
  • Dry scalp

WHAT is Sheagan Butter?

Sheagan Butter is a solid cream we created using Shea Butter* and  Argan Oil*.

The cream is solid in the tin, however, it melts almost instantly on contact with the skin which makes it move on your skin like a fine lotion.

We have had a couple of friends going through Chemotherapy for cancer treatments and donated a tin of this amazing product to them.  Both reported that the Sheagan worked well for the skin ailments.  One of the two said that people at the hospital wanted to know the name of the magical cream being used.

The other person was bed ridden for several months and through daily application of the Sheagan they never experienced bed sores.  We were thrilled that our product could eliminate some of their pain as they traveled on their path.

Shea Butter and Argan Oil are said to be related horticulturally.  Although they grow in different parts of the world they produce similar chemical properties in the fruit they bear.

We decided through much study that the two should be incorporated to provide a better overall healing effect for it’s users.  While Shea Butter is more topical than Argan oil, we thought perhaps the healing properties of Shea would be drawn deeper into the skin’s cells through the help of the Argan oil.

Also we felt that mixing the two would break down some of the viscous elements of the Shea Butter and the result would be a product that slides over the skin with ease.  We were ecstatic when we reached a formulation that did exactly this!

Sheagan Butter is high Vitamin E as well as other nutrients which provide anti-aging and skin rejeuvenating benefits.  It is said to restore the skin’s hydro-lipid layer which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as protects the skin from tears when dried out.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used in chemotherapy can cause the skin to become vulnerable to all kinds of irritating issues.  It is our largest organ and when those chemicals are dealt with in the liver, they have to be released out of the body one way or another and the skin takes a beating.

So just what are these nutrients in Sheagan Butter and what do they do for us?

Vitamin A (retinol): vitamin A is described as an antioxidant that protects the skin against photoaging by fortifying each cell against damage by exposure to free-radicals.  It is also a humectant (draws moisture to the skin); improves fine lines from aging and photoaging.

Vitamin E:  A powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin, UV protection^.  Neutralizes free radicals

^there is a limited amount of sun block effect in Shea Butter.  It’s approximately a 6 SPF

Vitamin F (Omega 3, 6): anti-aging and anti-dryness of skin  Vitamin F is a vital ingredient for maintaining skin-elasticity. Thus, application of Shea Butter helps restore the elasticity of the skin and helps maintain an even skin-tone besides hydrating, softening and beautifying it.

Cinnamic acid: several derivatives are found in Shea Butter which is attributed to anti-inflammatory properties in the butter.

Phenols: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, powerful against fungus and bacteria, activates blood circulation, activates Vitamin C

*Ferulic Acid is the most abundant phenolic compound found in Argan Oil. This antioxidant helps prevent damage caused by ultraviolet light. Exposure to ultraviolet light actually increases the antioxidant potency of ferulic acid.

Triterpenes: restructure cells, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, slows down cell aging, heal scars, allows the skin to regenerate new skin tissues

Squalene:  a nutrient-rich oil. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant with the unique ability to anchor itself to the body’s cell membrane. It can deactivate the free radical known as a singlet oxygen, the free radical that is generated by exposure to the sun’s UV radiation, and can also absorb and bind fat-soluble toxins, helping to excrete them from the body. Squalene is involved in the process of cell growth. It is able to penetrate deeper and more readily than most other oils. Its compatibility with skin lipids can be attributed to the fact that human sebum, the skin’s own moisturizer, is comprised of 25% squalene. It is proven to have a positive effect on mature and rosacea skin. It is a natural bactericide and healer, and has been shown to have effects in the management of dermatitis and skin cancer.

Ingredients/Ingrédients:   Butyrospermum parkii*. Argania spinosa*

*organic ingredient/*ingredient biologiques

Size: 100 ML