Happy Eye Gua Sha Massage tool- Rose Quartz

Happy Eye Gua Sha Massage tool- Rose Quartz

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Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Eye Gua Sha Massage Tool is a relaxation treatment designed for the eye area.

 The smooth, cooling surface works to:
depuff and move excess fluids around eye area
- relieve tension and sinus congestion
- balance the Qi energy
- help lift and awaken the eye region
- aids with lymphatic drainage

The tool also helps your skin care products get a better 'sink' into the skin. Use it in conjunction with your eye cream and/or sheet masks.


Apply eye cream in the eye region. Starting from the centre of the face, in the inner eye area, gently glide the smooth large end of the gua sha tool from centre towards the ears and move down towards the neck region. Use this technique 3-5 times along the upper eye, including eyebrows, and lower eye region.

For sinus area, use the small end of the tool and using a gentle rocking motion, work along the congested area.

Rose Quartz is known as the love stone, is said to carry a powerful energy that works within the heart and the area related to compassion. It is also believed to balance emotions, lower stress and raise self-esteem.

May you feel valued, accepted and cared for with Happy.


Product comes in a clear, reusable pouch and is not boxed.