Smooth Style Set

Smooth Style Set

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Smooth styles, all year long. 

A star styling crew formulated with clean, pure ingredients for your sleekest, smoothest hair. 

Start with Hair Love Prep Spray, a primer that preps hair for heat styling.

Bring serene vibes to your blowout with Serenity Smoothing Cream, a nutrient-rich lotion to lock in moisture, provide care during thermal exposure and silkify strands.

Add fullness and body with I Create Volume lotion.

Top off sleek updos with I Create Finish, a workable hairspray to lock in looks while increasing shine.

The set also comes with a sample of Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner to gently cleanse and provide lightweight moisture. 

Kit includes:

1 Pure Harmony Hairbath Sample

1 Pure Inspiration Conditioner Sample

1 Hair Love Prep Spray 2oz

1 Serenity Smoothing Cream 2oz

1 I Create Finish 2oz

1 I Create Volume 2oz

1 Recycled Cotton Cosmetic Bag