What is a Health/ Wellness Coach?

As your wellness coach, I will be a supportive guide who helps you set health goals, whether you want to improve energy, improve your eating habits, manage stress and much more.

In addition to holding you accountable while empowering and motivating you, my goal is to help you make simple, healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Everyone is unique and this uniqueness informs the foods and lifestyle practices that will work. By learning how to tune in and listen to your body, I will provide a safe space for you to explore this; you will become an expert on what makes you feel amazing as well as what makes you feel depleted.

 My job is not to prescribe specific meal plans or diets. Together we will focus on not just food but also other areas of your life that can impact wellness, such as your career satisfaction, the quality of your relationships, and how you feel in your home environment (these areas are called “primary foods”).